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Would you like to hear more about a simple way to earn $274 a day (or even more...) that really works? This proven system lets you work the hours that you choose, even part-time, and do it from your own home…

If you need more flexibility in your life and better pay for the hours you do work, then you’ll want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you…

I’m Jenny Johnson and I know how hard modern women work because I used to be one of them. Having kids brought on so many expenses... from diapers to doctor visits to cavities.

I love my kids, but it was a challenge to really enjoy them when I was working long days just to take care of the never-ending expenses.

It’s tough to make ends meet these days. I see women every day who are trying to juggle spending time with their families while making enough money to take care of them.

For me, hard as I worked, I couldn’t seem to do it. I kept getting more and more behind. I’m embarrassed to tell you that I had piled up a pretty big credit card debt. My American Express had gone into double digits, and it really seemed hopeless. I was already working long hours every day, getting home just in time to put my kids to bed. What more could I do?

The Best Advice I Ever Got…

That same question kept running through my head over and over and over…”What can I do to get us out of this mess?” I was almost like a zombie, going through the motions of my day, but always worried about my money problems and desperate for a solution.

Then one Saturday morning, as I sat with a friend over coffee, tears rolling down my cheeks, I got the best advice of my life. My friend looked me right in the eyes and said,

You keep complaining but you don’t change anything. If you really want a different life, you’ve got to decide what kind of life you want. And then go get it!

That really hit me.
What did I want out of life?

So I began making a list as soon as she left. I started with what I didn’t want and this is how my list looked:

After years of working, I was pretty clear on what I didn’t want. So then I needed to think seriously about what I did want. And here’s what I came up with:

Well, unfortunately, the today part didn’t happen. But the rest of it did. Let me tell you how…

I Discovered What I Had Been Looking For… And It Wasn’t What I Expected...

When I first started telling my family and co-workers about what I wanted, it was obvious they were skeptical. After all, I was demanding a dream job — flexible, work from home, good pay. And they were right to be skeptical. Jobs like that don’t really exist. At least not as far as I could find.

But then after about a week of searching, I came across a web page, a lot like the one you’re reading right now, and I realized that I didn’t need another job. I needed to work for myself in a secure and simplified way.

But remember, I didn’t want the traditional headache that comes along with owning your own business...

Growing up, I had watched my dad be a slave to his business. He was lucky to be able to take a couple days off a year... And I didn’t want that for myself.

That’s why when I saw a website that showed me how to make money from home-- without the “usual hassle” that goes into starting up your own business-- I was intrigued. And not only that, but this company promised to help me do it.

That really put my mind at ease. It sounded terrific to have the kind of online business they were talking about, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t more than a little nervous about doing it on my own. After all, I’d never run a business before. And for me, the internet was just a place to see what my friends were up to on Facebook. Who had the big beautiful house? Who took a trip to Hawaii?

Well now that someone is me!

That’s right... I finally got to take my kids to Disneyworld. And I have another trip planned to see San Diego next month. And the best part is…I don’t have to schedule my vacations with a boss. I am the boss… And even when I’m away, I’ve set up my business to keep making money.

So I can go with my daughter on her school field trip and still make money. Or take a spa day if I need it. That’s TRUE flexibility.

That website changed my life. And that’s why I’m here telling you my story today. I know I’m not the only woman out there who has struggled to balance her work and family life. I hear from women all the time who are trying to do it all—and usually sacrificing their sanity in the meantime.

Let me ask you something…

How long has it been since you got a day off, to relax and do something you love?

If it’s been too long, then let me tell you more about how this system teaches you to make the money you need (and want!) with your own online business today. This is a real life-saver for women like me who need more time and more money. And it’s been proven to work for others too. Just listen to what Nicole Green said after she found us:

Awesome Experience

"Hey there, I recently lost my job of nearly 20 years and was panicked about how I would provide for my family. I came across this system and was skeptical at first but I can tell you it has been so inspirational and kept me on track! Every training I have viewed has been truthful, no misleading information. You do have to put forth the effort but it is worth it for me to be able to stay home with my 5 & 8-year-olds."

-- Nicole Green

Build A Business
In One Of The Most Explosive Industries...

If you’d rather build your own business than spend your time working for someone else, you’re not alone. 58% of American women agree with you. (2015 OECD study) And workers who are working from home at least half of the time has increased 115% in the last ten years! (Global Workplace Analytics & Flexjobs 2015)

Now hang in there as I tell you about just one more important number. 80% of Americans made an online purchase in the last month. ( 2017)

So what does all of that have to do with you?

It’s the “Big Three” as I like to call it. You want to run your own business, and you want to do it from home. And online shopping is going crazy. So that’s the key. Why not run an online store from the comfort of your own home? It’s easier than you could imagine when you follow this exclusive training program step by step…

And we teach you how to do it…

Without the risk of inventory and warehouses and shipping costs.

All I had to do was follow the program laid out by Teo Vee. He’s the guy who’s built this program from the ground up to share all of the tips and tricks that’s he’s learned from his own online stores over the last decade. He saw the future coming and jumped on it while most of us were still setting up Myspace accounts.

He makes this so easy to do and understandable that anyone can do it if they’re willing to learn and put in a little effort.
This is how Scott explained it:

The Real Deal

“I spent a bunch looking for the ‘real deal’ in ecommerce training. This is it. It’s not that the others don’t have the knowledge, or want to help. It’s just that Teo has that rare talent for communicating complex ideas in a way that a novice can understand, boiling it down to the essential ingredients. Add the live, interactive sessions and the learning is quick. Put your brain in ‘sponge-mode’ and join. You will be very glad you did.”

-- Scott Madans

Now I’m not going to promise you a certain income. That wouldn’t be very ethical of me. Because in the end, how much you make will depend on how much time you’re willing to put into this. But I do think it’s important that you have an idea of the incredible potential here. So let me show you what a couple of members had to say:

“My sales just shot up. Now just crossed $2K.”
-- Ray A.

(By the way, it was just a few months after telling me about this, Ray’s sales shot up to $21,694.06!)

“Don’t quit. [I just did a] 6 figure month.”
-- Brandon

“Just wanted to share… Just hit my first $1,000 day.”
-- J.W.

So you can see there’s potential here to make this a 6 figure income if that’s what you want to do. Or if you’d rather put in minimum hours and just earn a little extra spending cash… or vacation money… or savings for your child’s braces… that’s up to you.

When I tell my friends and relatives about what I do now, they’re usually shocked to find out how easy it’s been for me. After all, I never worked at a store before. And I’d never run a business.

But there are three reasons that Teo’s program works so well:

Reason #1:

People love to shop online. 2 out of 5 shoppers say “they couldn’t live without online shopping.” Those are their words—not mine.

Reason #2:

We teach you how to market your store through FaceBook. Even tiny budgets with only five dollars can do it. And consumers love and trust Facebook. 20% are MORE willing to make a purchase from Facebook.

Reason #3:

We stand with you at every step of the way. You will be assigned a coach (I’ll tell you more about the coaches in a moment…) who will help with anything you need, from technical assistance to marketing advice. So you don’t ever have to figure this out by yourself.

To me, it just makes sense. Online shopping is only going to keep growing. People buy more and more stuff online every day. Why not provide for myself and my family by taking advantage of that? I mean, the most recent estimate is that “Ecommerce,” as this business is known, is worth 22.1 TRILLION dollars. That’s enough to make both you and I very, very wealthy.

And that’s why I don’t mind sharing with other women about what I’ve found. This is the only program of its kind that I know of. It will give you the know-how to run your online store, help you to do it, and even build you a ready-made store if you want. It’s like Crystal says, it’s the most amazing thing you can do on your computer.

The most amazing thing I've done on my computer

"I started this about a week ago and I find that this is the most amazing thing I've done on my computer. I believe that this is a program I can work to make my dreams a reality. The most important of which is to have my own store. My coach Nick calls me often and he helps me along on my journey. The most important thing I would like to share about this program is this: It is easy, well worked out and very exciting once you see where you can go with it. I would recommend it to all my peeps. Thank You"

-- Crystal D.

Get Insider Information Into The Industry That Just Keeps On Growing!

To understand what she’s so excited about, here’s how your life will change with this program:

If you follow every step, you’ll end our program with a full-fledged, professional looking store. In fact, it’s common for our members to start making money before they’ve even finished the program.

And you won’t even have to leave the comforts of your home… Sales come to you!

Instead of a boss breathing down your neck, you’ll hear your kids laughing in the backyard as you work at your personal computer. And you’ll spend your lunch break sitting at the kitchen table in your own home instead of enduring the endless complaining of coworkers in the breakroom.

We’ll even show you how to automate your stores so that you don’t trade slaving away for your boss for slaving away for your business. Teo likes to tell about how he and his wife traveled the world for two solid months last year. How fun is that?

Imagine the cultural experiences you could give your kids if you weren’t tied down to a work location. Yellowstone National Park… Washington D.C…. the Statue of Liberty. And that’s not even to mention the rest of the world that’s waiting to be seen. Just take your computer with you, check your store’s sales, and then enjoy the freedom that being your own boss brings.

Like I said, running your own online store is fun and easier than you’d think. To get started in the program that will teach you everything you need to know, just sign up today by clicking on the green Order Now button below.

Simple Step 1:
Enter your name, phone number, and other personal information

Simple Step 2:
Start learning about running your online store by watching the Welcome Video

Simple Step 3:
Jump into the program. Your future awaits!

Create The Future You’ve Always Dreamed Of...

Once you have a store up and running, it will be up to you to decide how much you want to make from it. We’ll give you the tools you need to build up your business and even open more stores if you wish. That way, you can multiply your profits by 2, 5 or even 10 times!

And if you’re like me... you’ll love checking on your store to see the sales for the day.

Your store keeps a running report of the day’s transactions. Trust me, it’s a wonderful feeling to start getting thousand dollar days. I smile at the end of each day, knowing that I’m creating a better future for my family and me. And I wasn’t stuck in a grey cubicle doing it either.

Finally… You Get To Choose How Much Money You Make!

Anytime you want to know how much your store is selling, just click on the real-time report for your store. Here’s a peek at a real member’s store report. Imagine how you would feel if you checked your store and saw this:

And this member made this after only a month and a half! I would say it’s pretty incredible, but lots of our members are seeing numbers like this. And you could be one of them.

Now instead of looking at your kids and wondering how you’ll pay for their new school clothes and piano lessons and doctor visits, you could look at them and plan your weekends. Do they want to go to the beach or the amusement park?

And no more driving them around in that old minivan that stalls at intersections. Instead you can research the safest car on the market and know that you won’t have any problems on your way to soccer practice.

But maybe the best part of all is that you won’t be waiting around for a paycheck anymore. Every time someone makes an order, the profit is yours—immediately. So when you need emergency money, or even just fun money, you can look at your store report and know how much is available for you to spend.

And don’t worry--these stores were created for regular people like you and me to use. You don’t need some kind of computer degree to handle this. The stores are beautiful and intuitive to use. You’ll learn how to build your store one step at a time and it’s so easy to do, some members have taught their children to do it.

Who Else Needs A Little Extra Money For A Kitchen Remodel? Or A Romantic Getaway To Paradise?

...With this website system, it’s no problem. You can always add more stores if you want to make even MORE money. Once you learn how to do one store, it’s easy to add more.

Believe me when I tell you how easy it is to run your own online store, PLUS… it’s loaded with benefits. Consider how life-changing it could be:

  • No more dress code! Relax in your sweats-- or whatever you like to wear-- because you’re in charge now.
  • Save the day-care money. Now you can make money without paying someone to watch your kids.
  • Forget commuting! Don’t waste money on gas, tires, and vehicle maintenance.
  • PLUS…with all the time you save NOT sitting in traffic, you could draw yourself a nice hot bubble bath and have a long soak.
  • Online shopping isn’t going anywhere. It actually increases every year. So feel confident about your future.

Learn Everything You Need To Know To Get In On The ACTION...

If you’ve ever thought about going into business for yourself, but just didn’t know where to start, this is the program for you. The training covers everything you will need to know to setup and run your own online store. And it couldn’t be easier!

But Teo didn’t stop after creating this valuable training, like some programs do. He’s genuinely invested in helping each of his students reach their full potential. So you get even more:

  • You’ll discover which markets are the most profitable
  • You’ll learn which products are HOT, HOT, HOT!
  • You’ll receive an invitation to join our ‘Members Only’ Facebook Group, where you can learn from other entrepreneurs
  • Get access to archived webinars
  • Listen in as Teo answers your burning questions on past video calls
  • You’ll also get all of our informational articles about running your new business

PLUS… When you sign up now, you’ll receive…

Not One Consultation With An Ecommerce Coach, Not Even Two, Five, Or Ten…

You Will Have A Coach With You At Every Step of The Program…

Made $400 in My First Week

"This is the real deal. I have not been in this group for long but after just watching 3 sessions, Boom, made my first $400 in my first week."

-- Brono

Teo trains all of the exclusive coaches, and they have to meet his rigorous standards. And when you join us today, you won’t just get one or two sessions with one of these experienced coaches. You will have him or her as your personal coach anytime you need it. No limit.

This is what makes this exclusive program different than any other program I’ve seen out there. You are never left on your own to “figure it out.” And you don’t have to pay per call or per training session to speak with your coach.

They are a powerful resource, and their industry experience will be invaluable to you as you start on your new path.

And because we want you to be successful, we don’t put a limit on that.

For me, having a coach to keep me motivated and on track took all the worry out of following my dreams. It’s such a comfort to have someone to reach out to when you have questions about your business.

So when you sign up on the, you’ll receive a welcome email from us followed by all of the contact information for your coach. We even have a video to walk you through getting started. It’s a simple process and you could begin within minutes.

Imagine that - you can start learning how to make money just minutes from right now!

In addition to your coach, you can also access our member support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So if you have any problems at 5 a.m., 11 p.m., or anytime in between, you can receive assistance.

Look, I know that moms are cautious. We always want to do what’s best for our family. So just to put your mind at ease, I’m also willing to give you...

A 30 Day… Love It Or Refund It… Guarantee.

If you aren’t thrilled with the education we provide and the support you receive, just tell us, and you’ll receive every penny back. Even if you’ve finished every step of the program!

Just let us know that you aren’t satisfied within 30 days, and you will receive a full refund. It couldn’t be simpler.

So when you take me up on this offer, you could be getting the life you’ve always dreamed of… a spacious home, luxurious vacations, and the freedom to enjoy it all!

AND… you risk nothing.

I know at this point, most of you are anxious to get started, but you need to know a few details first.

As a Member, you will receive:

It’s challenging to put a hard number on everything you’re getting when you enroll, but for an individual consultation with Teo, you would spend $6,000. Additionally, you are getting a complete education program with videos and written steps that you can reference anytime you need them. This is a value of $297. Not to mention your unlimited coaching sessions, which really are priceless.

But remember, I’ve walked in your shoes. I know most hard-working women can’t afford to pay Teo’s consultation fee. So instead of charging you over $6,297, I’ve talked to Teo and worked out an exclusive deal for you. You’ll get everything that I mentioned above… for only $97.

That is the rock-bottom lowest price that I could negotiate.

So for only $97, you’ll receive all of the tips and tricks that have led to Teo’s wealth. And you’ll get total access to the complete training system & website, full of resources like articles, webinars, and video calls that give you insider information.

You’ll also get a personal coach to work with you individually throughout the program.

And you can get started almost immediately!

You could quickly earn that $97 back in just a couple hours of sales. It happens all the time for our members.

Got There So Quickly!

“I heard when I joined that most people in here are making $500-1000 a day and thought it’d be far away for me…little did I know if I pushed myself every day to make progress and implement everything Teo taught as I learned it…that I’d get there so quick!”

-- Stony

But there’s no reason to stop there. Get to the level of income you need and want in your life…

And do it Risk-Free! With my Love It or Refund It Guarantee, you have 30 days to try every step of the program and decide if it’s right for you. Either you love it, or we refund 100% of your money--even if you’ve learned everything in the program.

It’s pretty incredible to think that you could change your life for only $97. All you have to do click is on the Order Now button below and get started. You will be taken to a secure order screen and input your basic personal and payment info.

But Please ACT Today. I don’t know how long we will be able to keep running this special offer price. But rest assured, that once you are enrolled, your price is locked in, even if the price goes up that same day.

Because we have such high standards for our coaches, it takes a lot of time and effort to train them. Unfortunately, that means space in our program is limited. But that’s also good news if you get in because you’ll be getting the ultimate coaching and education experience.

So act now while I can still make you this offer. I don’t want you to miss out on making your life easier, simpler, and most importantly… richer.

I wish you all the best!

Jenny Johnson

P.S. Remember, when you sign up today, there’s no risk to you. My Love It or Refund it Guarantee means that you have nothing to lose… but so MUCH to gain.

P.P.S I’ve also got one more special gift for you. You see, sometimes when people start making more money than they’ve ever had before, they don’t know what to do with it all. So I’m giving you a digital copy of The Entrepreneur’s Handbook (Value $47) for FREE. This easy to read book will help you get into the “Wealth Mindset” and put you in charge of your cash.

Risk Free Enrollment Form:

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Thanks to the Love It or Refund It Guarantee, I know I have 30 days to check out the program, without any risk. It’s great to see for myself what all the excitement is about…

Even though I have 30 days to look everything over, I want to act now to save my spot in the program. This also locks in the one-time, low price of $97.

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